Let me first start out this by saying I never thought I would write something about fitness.  I never went to the gym, never did cardio, and never watched what I ate.  If I wanted Del Taco, I would go get a number two.  If I wanted McDonald’s, I would go get a number two.  If I wanted In-N-Out, I would go get a number two.  Now that I write that, why is everything I order a number two? Weird lol.  Anyway…

Two years ago I started going to the gym for the sole purpose of being in shape for the Summer months.  I would go to the gym, lift away in hopes to see great results.  That didn’t work so well for me.  While I saw some progression, it wasn’t to me, worth it at all.  Spending almost 2 hours a day, 5 days a week and not seeing any results was quite draining.  Now, I can’t say I didn’t see anything, because shirts did fit tighter and I did notice going from benching 135 ten times to 200+ ten times in that time frame. But overall I just wasn’t feeling it and I couldn’t figure out why.

I stopped going to the gym (didn’t cancel because who cancels the gym?) still ate the same bad stuff and just basically said screw it.  To clue you in, I was 6′, 190 pounds at the time.  So as you can see I wasn’t over weight but I was just what you call “squishy” in some spots.  Then the one day came that basically changed everything.  Went on the Facebook one morning and I noticed a huge chunk of people that were talking about the gym and getting in shape.  I mean, usually if you would see my Facebook page it has the majority of it filled with people talking about God (which is fine) but this day it was weird…the whole page and even when I scrolled down it was pretty much all about working out.

So, I looked down at my beer belly and thought to myself “I’m going to give it another try”.  Of course I thought of “Insanity” or “P90X” but I didn’t want to do those even though friends said they all worked for them.  I did what everyone else in the world would do!  I went to the Internet searching for the next greatest thing!  What I found was at bodybuilding.com.  Looking at their forums for hours and seeing everyone say something different was driving me insane.  So I go into “workout programs” and find the one thing that changed it for me.  Kris Gethin’s 12 week program.

This is by far not a promotional thing for Kris.  The videos he has have just recently hit the 20 million view mark so I’m sure he doesn’t need it anyway.  That program right there works like you wouldn’t believe.  I went from 190 pounds down to 165.  I went from a 34 waste to a 31 waste. My arms went from 14 (yeah scary) to almost 17. I went from having a keg to a 6 pack and this was all in the short 12 week span.  I will tell you it is not for the weak minded.  This program will have you hurting for 2 weeks and you will want to give up but let me tell you, if you stick with it, you will love the results.

His workout if you go look is a day-by-day video of himself going through the transformation with you.  He has videos on the days off showing you what to buy in the store and how to make it.  It truly shouldn’t be free although I probably wouldn’t have tried it if it wasn’t free.  That’s what basically made me do it.  Before I would go to the gym, not eat right, and basically do the same workouts all the time.  His plan tells you what to eat and his workouts are the best for muscle confusion.  I will warn you, there are some days when you are at the gym that you are cussing Kris out but when you are done with the day, you will thank him.

You might wonder what this all has to do with Golf and to be honest, it doesn’t.  But if you follow Golf and Look at Tiger, Rory, Adam, and Lee to name a few, you will see they are all in great shape and because so, they are all the tops in their sport.  I will say for Golf, you should not go over 17″ arms because you feel a little restrained with the golf swing.  What you will notice is better balance and you will get more distance for sure.  You will not be able to golf for the first two weeks on this program.  It is advanced and it leaves nothing on the table.

If you decide to go through with it, I hope you end up as happy as I did!